Itziar, 36 years (Basque Country)

"I like the MobLang app very much. The content is useful and the exercise types are attractive for me. The audios are especially useful to me."


Jose Carlos, 67 years (Basque Country)

"I focused on the vocabulary screens, which I like a lot and find them very interesting to improve my Basque language knowledge that is near to zero in a convenient way. "

Rebecca, 11 years (Northern Ireland)

"I have my own Nokia phone and consequently find it easy to work my way to the MobLang Application. I really enjoyed the exercises. The happy face that appeared on the screen when I got the answers right was a good idea. I also enjoyed the exercise which involved putting the phrases in order. I had listened to the phrases so often that I know them off by heart. I had even shown the application to my parents who had learnt the phrases as well. I'm looking forward to doing all the themes and to learning more Irish. Using MobLang Application will give me a head-start for secondary school next year."


Séamus, 11 years (Northern Ireland)

"It was very easy navigating the application. I also assisted other pupils who were in need of assistance. My favourite exercise is the oral opportunity to experiment with imitating the recordings on the application. I was really wanted to use the phrases I have learnt with my teachers and other people in my school, the canteen ladies, office secretaries, school bus drivers etc.  as well as my family, neighbours and friends. Now I definitely want to begin learning more Irish next year when I go to Post-Primary school."


Gaston (Cyprus)
“I believe MobLang is useful in pushing you using simple Turkish phrases.”

Varvara, 28 years (Greece)
"It was really nice learning Albanian via MobLang. Now I can show my improvements to friends from Albania."

Byron, 60 years (Greece)
"Using MobLang was a great experience! Learning a language without attending a class. It's like a dream that come true!"

Vicky (Cyprus)
"I found MobLang interesting because I work at a state hospital where I meet Turkish-Cypriot patients on a daily basis, therefore I consider  it of crucial importance to be able to communicate with them effectively and to learn some basic terminology in Turkish. Communicating in Greek has always been difficult therefore we have always been using English. In the beginning I found MobLang difficult to use but afterwards with some help I found it simple and easy. However, in order for someone to benefit from MobLang they need to practice intensively. Just a few hours of practice are not enough to acquire the language. I have to admit that whatever I learnt through MobLang I won’t remember it for long since I haven’t had the time to practice. Overall, I found it useful and if it is implemented in the training of nurses I’m sure it will have a positive outcome.”


Ilke, 26 years (Cyprus)
"When I first heard about MobLang, it sounded like an innovative project but I wasn't too sure how it would materialize. When I tried the language programme on the phone the project assigned to me for a short while, I really enjoyed it. Its easy to use, its fun and it works. I wish I could use it on my phone too. Hopefully, there will be more versions especially for iPhones and Blackberries!"